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Husky Eyes

Siberian Huskies are known for their fascinating eye colors, particularly the icy cold blue that reflects their origin in the cold icy conditions of Siberia. Did you know they can change eye color? or have different colored eyes? Read on...

Husky Eye Colors Chart

Blue Eyes - This husky puppy has the bright blue eyes that they have become known for, though the blues can vary from the light ice to the dark blue.

Brown - The brown eyes on this husky are very vibrant. Shades can vary from a light brown to a dark brown.

Husky with Brown Eyes

Bi-Eyed - This husky has two different eye colors. One is blue and one is brown.

Siberian Husky puppy with different colored eyes

Parti or Split (Multiple colors in one eye) - This husky has two different colors of eyes, one blue eye, and one brown eye. But if you look at the brown eye on the left it has a hint of blue in it as well.

Husky with Parti or Split Eyes

Can husky puppies eyes change color?

The answer is YES! Huskies are born with beautiful almond shaped blue eyes, but you may be surprised to know that Siberian Husky puppies can change eye color just like their coat color.

That's right! The puppy with bright blue eyes that you bring home from the breeder might end up with different colored eyes.

When selecting your puppy from a breeder, or placing a deposit, they will probably mention this to you and that there is no guarantee the eyes will remain the same color. There are some tips on How to choose a husky puppy from a litter and recognize a reputable breeder.

Like everyone else, husky cubs begin to open their eyes on the 18–20th day from birth and the retina is fully formed on the 21–22nd day. In almost all newborn husky puppies, the eyes are always blue or light blue. It is a dominant trait in the breed. Then, between 5 and 8 weeks of age, the eyes might start changing from blue to gray, murky dark blue is usually a predecessor to other colors and settle in on brown or amber.

With time it makes brown eyes look almost a muddy navy color, blue very intense, and sometimes amber color can turn to greenish. By the age of 12 to 16 weeks, the eyes color should be settled completely ( some owners report changes of color until 6 months old).

The American Kennel Club Siberian Husky Standard says it is perfectly acceptable for the eyes of a Husky to be blue, brown, or mixed. Blue can range from a steel-gray color to bright blue, and brown can range from an orangy-copper to a deep chocolate brown.

Why do huskies have different eye colors?

Some Huskies have one of each color (one blue, one brown). A similar mutation is found in some other breeds of dogs, in other animals and people as well. This fact surprises many and raises the completely natural question : “Why does a husky have different eyes?”

Such an amazing phenomenon is called heterochromia, more commonly referred to as bi-colored or bi-eyed. . Heterochromia is the result of an excess or deficiency of melanin - the pigment responsible for the color of the iris of the eyes and does not affect the health of the animal. Other Huskies have mixed colors within each eye: partly blue and partly brown, and this is commonly known as parti-colored. This is normal and is just one of the fascinating and interesting facts about Siberian Huskies.

The mixed eye coloring has nothing to do with cross breeding. Purebred Siberians can have different eye colors. Around 2 out of 5 Huskies end up with blue eyes, another 2 out of 5 with a shade of brown. Of the remaining 20% you will find around 15% bi-colored and 5% parti-colored.

Husky Eye Color SlideShow

Below is a video that shows off several huskies with different-colored eyes, so that you can get a better idea of all the possibilities. There are some very beautiful dogs showcased in it.


If you are interested in the technical explanation of how genetics can affect eye color in Huskies we encourage you to read Dr Todd Woods' article on Basic Siberian Genetics. If on the other hand you just want to see more pictures of Husky eye colours we recommend this page.

Lastly, we would love it if you would let us know in the comments about your experiences too!

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