How to Care for Huskies in Hot and Tropical Climate?


Although the Siberian Husky's origin is in the incredibly cold, icy environment of Siberia, they can and do live in warmer environments. Whether it be a tropical environment such as Singapore and the Philippines, or a dry heat such as outback Australia, a Siberian Husky can live a long and happy life.

There are a few things you first need to know before raising a Husky in such an area to maintain the health of your dog:

1. Keep the coat

Whatever you do, keep the Husky's coat and do not shave them! The hairy coat, although thick, actually insulates the animal from direct heat. If you remove it, your dog will not be able to regulate its own temperature and become very sensitive to the warmth of the sun.

Siberian husmy on the boat in Dubai, wearing red lifejacket

Siberian Husky in Dubai

2. Regular brushing

Regular brushing of the coat will evenly distribute oil secreted by the skin, along the length of the coat, which will remove dust and dirt and also clear away dead and stray hairs. This will ensure effective circulation of the air in the skin, which will keep your puppy happy and not overheat. In a lot of cases, an increase in body temperature is the result of poor hygiene, matted, and dirty hair. To get a clear idea about which brush to use and how to groom a husky, we have more information available at our grooming guide.

3. Exercise out of the sun

In warm environments, the day can heat up quickly in the morning, and remain hot until sunset. You should consider exercising your husky early morning and later after sunset when it is coolest. Be mindful of the intensity of exercise, especially for puppies and mini huskies who can not sustain long playtime sessions without a rest. Your Husky might find it easier to have two shorter walks a day, rather than one long walk.

4. Stay cool during the day

Whether you are at home or not, your husky needs to stay cool. In hot environments that might mean a room that is cooled or air-conditioned, or at least very well insulated from the heat. It is probably not enough to leave a Husky in a shaded area if that is only marginally cooler than a sunny area. Take the hint: if your dog howls to be let inside to where it is cooler, then that could be a sign is too hot outside for your husky.

5. Other things to keep in mind

  • Concrete and brick floors and walls can absorb a lot of heat and radiate it out for days. Your dog might feel better lying on wooden or some insulating material that will not retain so much heat. This especially goes for the dog's sleeping area or kennel.
  • Don't leave your dog in the car! A car's temperature can escalate to extreme levels in just minutes. If you wouldn't leave your child in the car then it's no place for a dog either.
  • If you live in a hot climate, you better purchase a husky puppy from a local breeder, as they already adapted to the local climate. Yes, there are even husky breeders in Hawaii where you think Huskies might struggle. Check out Facebook where some groups are being formed such as the Siberian Husky Owners of Hawaii to gain more information.
  • Keep in contact with your local Siberian Husky club or breeder who can give you some further advice specific to your environment

How to Cool Down a Husky?

Cooling mats

The cooling mats seem to be very helpful for those who live in a hot weather environment. I found Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad work the best and our huskies love to chill on one of those. For the best results, place the cooling mat under the air conditioner.

Frozen treats in ice

Tip: ice cream containers are great to freeze large ice blocks.

I found KONG  to be a great toy for our huskies, to keep them entertained and cool at the same time. Just stuff it with your dog's favorite treats, like bananas and peanut butter, and keep it in the freezer for a few hours.

Kiddie pool

Fill it up and position it in a shady area or you can add some ice to keep water cold. Dogs love to jump in and out for a quick cool-down. There are plenty of options on Amazon and I was looking for something that I can use not only as a dog pool but outdoor water pond, sandbox, or kidlle pool. lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool is what serves the purpose for me and my pooch. 

Clean, cool drinking water

Seems like obvious advice, but a lot of people keep forgetting to keep the water cool. Keep it in a shady place so that it doesn't heat up.


Raising a Siberian Husky puppy in a warm or tropical climate is not difficult and just requires some common sense. Shade and cool during the day, exercise on the fringes of daylight, and lots of water to cool down. It might not be the environment the Husky was bred for, but your dog can and will survive if you give them a helping hand.

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