Best Brush For A Husky [Complete 2022 Guide]

Best Brush For Husky

Huskies have recently become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world at the moment. Just like any other dog breed, they are highly loyal, intelligent and playful. However, unlike most other breeds, huskies are working dogs, incredibly active and have high levels of energy. On top of that, they have some of the thickest and most beautiful coats and they shed at least twice a year, which has gotten owners all over the world wondering what the best brush for husky dogs is. 

 Best Brushes For Husky

Twice a year, huskies shed and turn their owners’ life in a nightmare, having them wonder what the best brush for husky hair is.  Well, I've used several different undercoat brushes over the past six years and this ones has worked the best so far:

As it was already mentioned, it is quite difficult to find the best deshedding brush for huskies, as most owners usually feel like no matter how much they brush and they comb, their husky is still going to shed its own weight in fur. That’s exactly why this grooming kit is the first on the list, because some owners usually need all the help they can get.

The kit is made up of a double sided blade rake and a greyhound comb. This is actually the perfect combination, as you get most of the dead hair and knots with the rake and afterwards give your husky’s fur the finishing touches with the help of the comb.

The main advantage of this kit is that it’s made out of incredibly durable materials so you don’t have to worry that you will be forced to buy other grooming tools the next shedding season.

When it comes to finding the best budget grooming tool for husky dogs, Karli is certainly one of them that should be considered.  This deshedding tool can remove up to 90% of the shedding fur, thus promoting a healthier skin and guard coat. This way, your carpets, clothes and the rest of your house can remain clean.

The rake is constructed in such a way as not to snag your husky’s fur, but gently comb through it, gathering all the lose hair and even dust and debris from the undercoat. One great thing about this  product is the fact that it very easy to use and comes with a highly comfortable handle. It gets a lot of the undercoat out without hurting, pulling, or cutting your husky. On top of that, the handle is made out of a material that doesn’t allow the brush to slip from your hand, giving you the ideal grip, regardless of how restless your pet might be during the grooming process.

Although this might seem like one of the most basic products when it comes to grooming the high maintenance coat of a husky, it is actually one of the most effective tools you could hope for. When talking about the best grooming brush for Siberian husky dogs the options are obviously countless and the offers that are available on the market at the moment might seem overwhelming.

However, if you are lucky to find this product among your first searches, you are guaranteed not to need any other additional tool. This rake has long enough teeth to reach the undercoat of your furry husky, and its dual-use with two sets of blades. We recommend to get one with 13+27 blades, where 13 wider blades (teeth are pretty far apart) will remove mats and tangles, eliminate burs and debris, and 27-blade remove any remaining dead hair and create volume and softness. Moreover, the rake is incredibly safe . The teeth are rounded so that you don’t end up scratching you pet’s skin, its bristles being designed so that they curve and retract with your pet’s body in order to avoid scratching, poking or other unfortunate accidents.

This tool is a bit more pricey (around 22$)then the previous one, but its totally worth the investment and many grooming professionals will agree with us.

We got this comb upon the recommendation of many groomers that we have a chance to ask and use it mainly for finishing and its work like a charm. It comes as one metal piece, very light on weight and quite long to have a nice grip of it.  The great thing about it is that it very handy and can be used at any given time, not only during spring and fall when your husky starts shedding. 

It can make your husky’s coat cleaner, smoother and, obviously, a lot healthier. It can untangle knots and get rid of mats and, most importantly it stimulates skin and hair follicles of your husky.  On top of that, the comb is incredibly cheap and it works much better than more expensive competitors on the market, so it definitely worth to try .

Downsides: handle size is quite small and it gets uncomfortable gripping the comb after some time.

This is an incredible tool that will basically teach you what the best way to groom a husky is. It is a 2 in 1 product, containing both an undercoat rake and a furminator comb. The great thing about it is the fact that you can alternate between the two until you get the results you desire. The product is made out of high quality materials, it is not harsh on your pet’s skin and it has a comfortable handle which allows for a good grip.

Additionally, this grooming tool is easy to clean, even if we are talking about your husky’s fur. However, you should note that this 2 in 1 product does not come in sizes and it is more suitable for medium haired dogs. The furminator wouldn’t be advisable to be used on huskies with really thick or long coats. This way, you don’t risk damaging their guard coat.

Types of Brushes for Huskies

You should know that there is a multitude of tools, brushes, comb and even shampoos and conditioners that you might use in order to keep your husky’s shedding in check. Here are the most effective types of brushes and similar products:

1. Undercoat rake

When huskies shed, it’s actually the undercoat that loses hair. This is exactly why you should look for the best brush for a husky undercoat which is, in this case, a rake. The tool actually looks like a smaller scale rake, with long teeth that are able to reach into the undercoat and take out all the hair that’s stuck there and that would otherwise end up on your clothes, carpets and basically everywhere. 

This tool is not only incredibly easy to use, but highly affordable as well. Moreover, due to the fact that it has soft blades, dogs actually love it and they like the feeling of it going through their fur.

However, its main advantage remains the fact that it is able to reach the undercoat, which ensures you groom your husky properly and don’t simply brush the guard coat, leaving all the lose hair and dirt still in their coat. Be that as it may, you should always be as gentle as possible and make sure not to hurt your pup or scratch its skin.

2. Grey hound comb

A greyhound comb can be used in order to find any leftover mats after using the undercoat brush. This means that it’s no longer a matter of finding the best brush for a Siberian husky, but the best combination of tools that can help you cope with all the shedding. The reason this is the best comb for husky fur is the fact that it is fairly long and it can properly reach the undercoat and get rid of any tangles and mats.

Additionally, it is ideal for finishing touches, leaving even the guard coat shiny, untangled and healthy. Another great advantage of such a tool is the fact that it is affordable and easy to find – you won’t need to raid specialized stores in order to get it. However, you should keep in mind that this type of comb has fragile teeth that tend to break or bend over time. Be gentle when using it so that you don’t end up leaving pieces of it in the coat.

3. Furminator

Now, this is a new type of product that seems to be all the rage in terms of husky coats. Although some might argue that it might be the best deshedding tool for husky dogs, there are plenty owners who say that it tends to cut the hair of the guard coat instead of gathering lose hair from the undercoat. In order to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes, you should use the undercoat rake which is safer and use the Furminator only as a finishing touch.

What you need to keep in mind is the fact that even there products come in many shapes and sizes. There are the ones that should be used on dogs with shorter hair and the ones that should be used on dogs with thick undercoats, such as huskies. In any case, make sure you properly read the instructions so that you don’t end up ruining your pet’s coat. It might seem easy to use, but a bit of research and information never hurt anyone.

Best Brush Brands 

When it comes to finding the best deshedding tool for a Siberian husky every owner knows that quality is highly important. The best dog brush for husky pups and adult dogs can only be made by a respectable and high quality brand. Here are the best ones available on the market at the moment:

1. Kosse

This is perhaps one of the best and most reliable brands when it comes to grooming products for pets, especially dogs with thick coats and long guard coats.

One of the main reasons this is such a well - respected brand is the fact that its products are always of the highest quality, made with the best materials. On top of that, the brushes and combs that they provide are highly durable and guaranteed to last for a long time.

 Additionally, they always seem to be interested in combining the pets’ health and comfort with the comfort of the owner. The brushes they make are not only efficient, but easy to handle and easy to use. The handles are always made out of materials that don’t put an unnecessary strain on your wrists, which is a big plus. All in all, this is a decent brand which makes products that even your dog would buy.

2. DAKPets

If you are looking for the best dog brush for a Siberian husky then you might want to check out the products manufactured by DAKPets. This company has a lot of experience in making high quality products not only for grooming but for pretty much anything that is pet related.

 Having been on the market for years and still remaining a relevant competitor is a clear indicator that this company has evolved and made learning a key element within the organization. They manufacture anything from brushes, combs, beds and even food bowls. Needless to say, the products they make are always durable and highly effective.

Some of the online reviews even state that this company is responsible for making the best undercoat rake for huskies. This means that if you want to keep it simple and not go overboard with buying too many products for grooming your dog, this might actually be the brand you need.

3. MyTopDog

Looking for the best furminator for husky dogs should not be such a complicated task if you have heard of MyTopDog. This is quite a new brand that has recently appeared on the market, but which, by the looks of it has managed to launch incredibly amazing products.

The company mainly specializes in grooming products, which is certainly a plus, as you can count on their expertise. They mostly make brushes, combs and furminators, one of which has gathered an impressive amount of positive online reviews.

Other than that, their products are, so far, well received by pet owners. They seem to be durable and to actually do what they claim to do. However, one of the main advantages of this brand, along with its products is the fact that they are quite affordable. You will certainly not be forced to spend a fortune in order to have your pet properly groomed.

Buying Guide For Husky Brushes

It’s no secret that huskies are not the easiest to deal with pets in the world. They are wonderful in so many ways, yet it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all the tiny little quirks of the breed. First of all, there’s the stubbornness and then their constant need to be active and exercise. Add shedding to this and you might think you get a nightmare, but every husky owner knows that’s just not true, because shedding can be kept under control.

The things you need to pay attention to:

1. The size of the brush, comb or furminator.

You always need to remember that your husky has two layers of fur and only the one that’s underneath is shedding. So your main purpose is to get to that fur that is stuck beneath the guard coat. In order to do this, always pick combs and brushes with large bristles that can reach all the way to the undercoat. 

2. Make sure that the grooming product you get is made from high quality materials and that it cannot hurt your dog.

Even if they claim to be gentle, you should still be extra careful so that you don’t scratch or pinch your husky’s skin. We've been tested every tool we recommended above and they are totally suited double coated Siberian Husky, but you have to look for yourself and your beloved puppy. It might be the best brush tool for our pups, but not always applicable for other individual husky owners.


The bottom line is that, although dealing with a husky shedding is a difficult thing, the right or, better said, the best brush for a husky is certainly out there. This article has hopefully given you some insight in what the best brands and products are and what to look for in a brush for your pup. Apart from that you might also want to keep in mind that no matter how amazing a tool might be, your husky may simply not like the feel of it or may just refuse to let you groom him. However, if you have enough patience, the both of you can get through the shedding process .

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