Best Vitamins for Siberian Husky

Vitamins For Siberian Husky

Are you thinking of buying vitamins for your Siberian Husky? Wondering what the best vitamins or best food are for dogs? Here is our advice on what to feed your puppy to give it a balanced diet, and avoid unnecessary and expensive supplements. Think of it as cheap pet insurance. If you want real insurance for your husky and you wonder if it’s worth your money spend, we were giving some tips and advice before purchasing pet insurance for a husky puppy right here – Is Pet Insurance Worth It For A Puppy

A balanced diet starts with normal food

You probably already know this expression from childhood: you are what you eat. If you eat healthy food, you will feel good and healthy. The same applies to your pets. If you feed them good quality pet food they will feel better and have fewer medical complaints.  Spending a little more on better quality food for your Husky could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in vet bills over the lifetime of the dog. This is especially true for Siberian Husky puppies who need the best food you can afford, to give the dog the best chance at growing into a healthy adult.

What makes good dog food? If you see the words “Complete and Balanced” on the label then that is a good start. The FDA imposes strict rules over the “Complete and Balanced” phrase. Only quality pet food can quote that wording on its packaging. Furthermore, look closely at what is going into the food. Is it real meat with a high protein percentage? Is there other nutritional information such as the presence of vitamins, Omega3 fish oil, or other additives that would benefit the dog? Then that is also a good sign.

Generally speaking the more expensive the pet food the better quality it will be, as quality pet food costs more to produce. It has more meat and less filler. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes expensive pet food isn’t any better than the cheap ones. You might want to ask around your local dog clubs, breeders, vets, and even your neighbors to see what they recommend and where to buy it from.

Do dogs need vitamin supplements?

Vitamins for Siberian HuskiesNo! Well…. maybe.

Tens of millions of dollars are spent each year on pet supplements in the US alone. There are a number of vitamin companies marketing vitamin products; NuVet, ProSense, Nutrivet, and many others. Their job is to convince you that your beloved pet needs their product to be happy.

They also have affiliate programs and advertise on many Siberian Husky websites to make it look like they are recommended for Huskies. The reality is for the vast majority of Huskies do not need vitamin supplements. If you are feeding your dog quality pet food, with some variety or rotation in the meals, then you are doing great!

There will, of course, be exceptions. If you feel that your Husky is experiencing problems such as difficulty moving, appetite problems, or is easily exhausted, then a trip to your vet is warranted. The problem might be diet-related, or it could be something else entirely. Your vet is going to give you knowledgeable advice and help pinpoint the issue.

The problem with guessing and trying out supplements is that the imbalance that your pet might have could be made worse by choosing the wrong supplement. Just like in humans there are some vitamins that are good in small doses, but in larger doses can actually make you feel worse! Feeding your dog the wrong supplement could be doing more harm than good. So take care.

Also, don’t forget there are some foods that disagree with dogs and you want to ensure they are eliminated from your pet’s diet immediately.

What are the Best Vitamins for Huskies?

So having convinced you not to supplement your dog’s diet, there are a couple of things that are generally considered safe to feed to your pet. You could at least try and see if they make a difference.

Glucosamine is a supplement well known to help humans with joint pain such as arthritis, and many Siberian Husky owners swear by its effectiveness on animals. You might already know that Siberian Huskies are predisposed to health complaints such as hip dysplasia, and glucosamine can aid in the discomfort your dog might exhibit.

You can buy glucosamine supplements on Amazon, I use this one – Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine Hip and Joint Formula. I like this supplement mostly because it comes in liquid form, so my husky has no problem slurping up. I simply add the correct dosage to my dog’s favorite food or water every day.

Omega3 (fish oil) can help with coat and skin complaints, as well as joint pain. Omega3 is sometimes added to pet food so check out the packaging and you might be able to avoid extra supplements altogether. If your Husky has dry or flakey skin, or you just want to improve the health of his or her coat, then fish oil could be beneficial. I normally buy this one – Welactin Omega-3 Skin and Coat Support on Amazon, and my Huskies love it.

There is one particular situation in which a multivitamin for dogs might be of benefit. If you are cooking the dog meals yourself and not using prepared dog food from the supermarket or pet store, then there is a chance that some required vitamins and minerals are missing.

This would particularly be true if you tend to use the same meat and not introduce variety such as vegetables or added vitamins. In this particular circumstance then a multivitamin could help “fill in the gaps” with the nutritional profile. Then again, if you are cooking meals for your dog the chances are you are doing so because you know what is going into the food and, with purpose, introducing variety not present in commercial foods that you can obtain or afford.

Where can I get more information?

Your vet should be your primary source of advice for health issues with your pets. They have the up-to-date knowledge and experience needed to diagnose problems accurately. Since you should be taking your Husky to the vet regularly for a checkup, these appointments are the perfect opportunity to ask the question of whether vitamin supplements are suitable. If the answer is yes, you should narrow down precisely which vitamins the dog requires, and in what quantity.


Siberian Husky at the Vet

Get your vet to help suggest what vitamins might be of benefit

We recommend you do not feed your Husky multivitamins or vitamin supplements without consulting your vet first. At best you might get lucky and your dog benefits from them.

If you are feeding your Siberian Husky quality pet food then there is little more than a supplement can do.  At worst you could be causing an imbalance in your dog’s dietary intake and might cause some harm, even if only mildly.

So if you think you have a problem, take notice of what’s on the label of your pet food, and perhaps try a different brand or nutritional make-up and see if things improve. A simple tweak to the diet might be all that is needed to improve your Husky’s health!

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