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Is Pet Insurance Worth It For A Puppy?

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Rising vet bills in recent years has given popularity to insuring your pet. But before you jump in there are some things you need to know, and is insuring your husky puppy really worth it? Pet insurance basics When shopping around for pet insurance you will come across some terms which are key to understanding […]

Three More Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Husky Puppy

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Previously we identified chocolate, grapes, raisins, milk and dairy products as food to avoid feeding your Husky puppy. There are three more families of food you should avoid to keep your Siberian Husky healthy: Alcohol All types of alcohol should be avoided; beer, wine, spirits, mixed drinks, cocktails, egg nog, etc. Because of their size […]

Caring For Huskies In Warm And Tropical Climates

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Although the Siberian Husky’s origin is in the incredibly cold, icy environment of Siberia, they can and do live in warmer environments. Whether it be a tropical environment such as Singapore and the Philippines, or a dry heat such as outback Australia, a Siberian Husky can live a long and happy life. There are a […]

Snacks And Treats For Your Husky Puppy

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Treats for your Siberian Husky are a great way to reward good behavior during training. However not all food is good for your puppy to snack on. Here we have a look at what is suitable for puppies and what to avoid. As you know, puppies need food to grow. It is really important to […]

Three Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Husky Puppy

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Dogs have special dietary requirements to keep them healthy. Some foods are likely to lead to discomfort, and others are downright deadly. Here are three foods you should avoid feeding your Siberian Husky. This is particularly important in puppy stage where their smaller mass and less developed immune system can result in more serious and […]

Tips For Car Travel With Your Siberian Husky

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Even if you don’t plan on travelling much with your Husky, the chances are you still need to get the puppy home from the breeder, to and from the vet, and occasionally out to a larger park or beach to run around. Here are our top ten tips for safe and healthy travel with your […]

How Much Space Does A Siberian Husky Need?

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Siberian Huskies were bred as working dogs – pulling sleighs and assisting hunters. It is no surprise that they need space, but how much space? And can they survive in a smaller environment with little yard space? The primary concern is not so much the area they have, but rather how much exercise they receive. […]

Microchipping Your Siberian Husky Puppy

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Microchipping is the process of implanting a very small electronic tracking device in to a dog, for the purposes of identification should the animal ever go missing. Microchipping can increase the chances of your lost pet being reunited up to 5 times! It is so effective that in some places around the world microchipping is […]

Vitamins For Your Siberian Husky

By Danny Bainbridge / October 28, 2015

Are you thinking of buying vitamins for your Siberian Husky? Wondering what the best vitamins or best food is for dogs? Here is our advice on what to feed your puppy to give it a balanced diet, and avoid unnecessary and expensive supplements. Think of it as a cheap pet insurance. A balanced diet starts with normal […]

Is My Husky Puppy’s Weight Normal?

By Danny Bainbridge / September 12, 2014

The adult weight of a Siberian Husky is typically 45 to 60 pounds (20 to 27kg) for males, and 35 and 50 pounds (16 to 23kg) for females. That’s the AKC standard for the breed. But what about a growing Husky? How do you know if your puppy is underweight, overweight, or just right? By […]

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