Do Husky Puppies Ears Stand Up?

There is something magical about a dog’s ears. All the puppies belonging to different breeds have floppy ears when they are born, but husky’s one grows into perked up ears with time.

According to the breed standard, the ears of Huskies do stand up. Normally, ear erection in Husky dogs start from the age of six weeks, but in some cases, it delays up to six months.

It is important to maintain a quality diet and add all the necessary vitamins and minerals into the ration for your husky puppy, as calcium deficiency and lack of other vitally important nutrients tend to be the main reason for huskies to have floppy ears.   

You cannot set a time for the erection process as it varies in different breeds. Similarly, the Siberian Huskies have floppy ears when they are just puppies, but, with time, these ears develop and begin to perk up. The erect triangular ears of the Siberian Huskies can quickly help you to guess what they feel.  

When Do Husky puppies ears stand up?

There a couple of reasons due to which your Husky’s ears tend to stand up, including his age.

The erection starts from the age of 6 weeks.  Before your Husky turns 6 months old, the ears should completely perk up. The erection of ears takes time because initially, the bones and cartilages of the Husky’s ears are in the process of growing. Some dogs have floppy ears, even if they are above six months.

As the dog grows older, these cartilages and bones become firm. The weak cartilages, if not treated properly, can cause long-lasting hearing problems. 

How to tell if your dog’s ears will stand up?

Usually, the ears of all puppies stand up at a certain age. In case you are curious, and you need to figure out that when will your puppy’s ears stand up or will they even stand up at all, you should check your puppy’s ears. If your little one’s ears stand up when he gets excited, they will probably stand permanently by the time he is six months or when the period of eruption of permanent teeth is over

Another way to guess if your puppy’s ears will stand is by noticing where the ears are set on the head. The ears that stand partially tend to be set erect on the head and closer together.

What Influences the Husky’s ear growth?

Several factors influence your Husky’s ear growth, including their diet. Diet is an essential factor for every living creature; the same is the case with Huskies. A Husky’s diet is necessary for his entire body, including his ears. Calcium deficiency also hinders the growth of Husky ears. 

The best way to overcome this deficiency is by adding vitamins and quality supplements to their diet. Calcium will also help to strengthen their muscles around the ears. 

Avoid: [scrubbing the top of your little one’s head with your hands and even snuggling with them can affect their ear’s growth. You should avoid doing this at the early age of your husky puppy because their bones and ear cartilages are still in the process of growing and developing.] 

Is My Husky Has an Ear problem?  

Floppy ears are technically a defect, and Huskies, along with all other breeds, have floppy ears when they are just puppies.

Symptoms of an ear infection include head shaking, lousy odor, itchiness, and pain, swelling, and redness. Complicated and severe infections can take months to resolve, whereas uncomplicated infections take a week or two.  

If the floppy ears of your Husky are not growing into mature erect ears, you should check whether there is any mineral deficiency in them or not. Floppy ears in husky dogs are pretty average and the most vital thing is that you should ensure that you clean them adequately. 

Moreover, ear infections are quite a typical condition in all breeds of dogs. Similarly, huskies also have ear problems, especially when you do not clean their floppy ears properly. The bacteria in the dog’s ear wax causes infection in the ears if not cleaned for a long time. Yeast and mites can trigger ear infections in dogs as well.

Siberian Huskies are less likely to have infections because they have erect ears. The perked up ears allow proper airflow, and this helps in preventing bacteria along with diseases. The time when they have floppy ears, they require more care. 

You should consult your vet if you find any of the symptoms mentioned above. He will clean your puppy’s ears thoroughly by using a medicated cleanser. If he sees something severe, he’ll prescribe proper medication.

How to Clean and Take Care of Puppy Ears?

Husky’s ears require a lot of care and attention. You can also ‘train’ your Husky’s ears to stand up before the due time. Some of the essential points to take into consideration regarding your Husky’s care are:

  • Ensure that you clean them at least once a month, depending upon the dirt stuck inside.
  • You should make sure that you properly dry your Husky’s ears after swimming or bathing. Excess moisture is a cause of ear infections. 
  • Make sure you clip the hair grown inside the ears of dogs; this will help in preventing ear infections. 
  • Take your little pup outside for a walk, fresh air help strengthen the immune system and help relieve stress.
  • In particular, it is best to let your Husky’s ear grow and develop with time. You should ensure that you avoid fondling and caressing your pup around the ears area, to prevent the cartilage from breaking. 

Things to avoid:

  • Some people tend to massage the Husky ears to improve pointedness, but this might prevent them from erecting. 
  • Many people recommend taping until the ears of their puppies do not stand on their own. There is no certainty that this will work. This can lead to paw discomfort and also in weakening the cartilages. Even if you decided to do the taping, remember to cut a bit of the puppy’s ear fur to prevent stickiness and pain.  

Ear Cleaner for Huskies 

Being a Husky owner myself, I completely understand the struggle and fear of identifying the best cleanser for your puppy. I have got my hands on many products and after profoundly analyzing numerous customer reviewed ear cleansers, I found TropiClean Ear Solutions for Dogs on Amazon, which seems the best option in terms of showing effective results for my huskies.

Why Does my Husky Have one ear Up and one Down?

Ears are the most important organ of dogs in terms of communicating. Huskies have erect and perked up ears. The erected ears are a great sign to check your Husky’s mood that your dog is happy and wants to play. On the other hand, if you notice both ears dropped, they may be anxious about a particular thing. 

If one of the Husky’s ears is up and the other is down, you do not need to worry. I’ve been through this when my dogs were puppies.

Research shows that the reasons behind this action were that either the dog is just being submissive and is hearing what you are saying or the dog’s pinna is underdeveloped. The solution to this is to wait and let the dog’s ear grow by itself, without forcing it! 


You do not need to worry if your Husky’s ears are flopping or are pointing downwards. It is normal, and once your pup is a grown-up, the ears will begin to perk up. Of course, there are many ways to train your Husky’s ears to erect up, but the best way is just to let them take time and grow on their own. Make sure that you take good care of your Husky and ensure regular cleaning of their ears. 

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