Exercising A Siberian Husky Puppy


Siberian Husky puppies desire a lot of attention to prevent boredom. Exercising them is a great way to help them stay entertained, not to mention grow up healthy, but how much exercise should they get? Here are our top five tips on exercising your Husky puppy.

1. Exercise every day

It is really important that Huskies, particularly younger ones, exercise every day. This is a form of training where you teach your puppy healthy habits, discipline, and encourage socialization. Doing it every day keeps the routine up: if you miss a day you will ‘feel’ it and not lapse into more than a day of inactivity. Your puppy will love you for it as well. Exercise helps build their strength and endurance – characteristics that Siberian Huskies are bred for.

2. Go slow for the first year

Your Husky grows rapidly during its first few months, reaching adult size after about a year. The joints, ligaments, and muscle mass of your puppy need time to develop, so don’t overdo it early on. If you push too hard, especially with repetitive-motion activities such as walking and running, you might put too much stress on the puppy’s ligaments which can lead to soreness, tiredness, and inflammation.

3. The 5-minute-month rule for walking

Walking is a great exercise activity: it is free, easy, and good for both your puppy and yourself! We recommend the ‘5-minute-month’ rule:

Walk your puppy each day, increasing 5 minutes each month.

For example, if your puppy is three months old, walk him or her for up to 15 minutes every day. If your puppy is six months old, walk up to 30 minutes every day. If you follow this simple formula you will build up the necessary walking exercise gradually and in sync with your puppy’s natural growth over the first year.

After your puppy reaches his or her first birthday, you will be up to an hour of walking each day and can stay at this level. You might also graduate to jogging or running, or go for longer sessions, but only if your dog is used to walking and ready for the extra effort.

Exercising a Siberian Husky with toys and playtime4. Any time is playtime

15 minutes for a puppy does not sound like much, and it isn’t. However, you can take on other exercises in the form of playing games. Simply ‘playing ball’ with your puppy will mix up the physical movements: starting, sprinting, slowing, stopping, turning, etc. You can easily squeeze a few minutes in here and there of play to fill out the day and tackle boredom. Check out my Five Play Time Ideas for Husky puppies, to help fight the boredom of your dog. 

5. Stay cool

You know already that all dogs need clean drinking water available at all times to stay hydrated. The coat of the Siberian Husky might be dense but this also acts as an insulator in warmer weather, helping to regulate body temperature. So although the Husky might have originated in arctic climates, they should do fine in warm weather. Just make sure water is on hand, and if your Husky shows any signs of tiredness, take it easy. If you live in a hot environment you might want to consider walking your puppy in the morning before the heat builds up, and makes everyone just want to laze back and go to sleep.

If you start slow and build up exercise over the first year of life, mix in lots of play, and remember to keep your puppy hydrated, you will give your puppy a great start to a long healthy life. Just as important, you will get some exercise out of the deal as well!

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Danny Bainbridge

A genuine husky lover who enjoys spending time with his huskies. Huskypuppiesinfo.com was created purely out of passion for these dogs.