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How To Find A Siberian Husky Breeder Near You

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

Want to buy a Siberian Husky puppy from a breeder and not sure where to find one? Here’s how… Find one near you If you are new to the breed you will want to look for breeders close to home. You will be able to visit a few of them and pick one that you […]

How To Identify A Husky Puppy Mill

By Danny Bainbridge / March 13, 2018

With the tremendous rise in Siberian Husky registrations (AKC quote Huskies as the 14th most popular breed in 2013, and still rising) comes a wave of interest in the breed, and a desire to own one. Unfortunately that also means unscrupulous breeders are profiteering from this popularity, operating puppy mills to maximize profit rather than […]

Siberian Husky Rescue Organizations

By Danny Bainbridge / November 18, 2013

As an alternative to buying a Siberian Husky from a breeder, you can instead consider adopting a Husky from an organization or agency. A Siberian Husky Rescue Organization (or Centre) is often a great way to help out an animal in need. Sometimes owners are unable to look after their animal due to financial or […]

Five Alternatives To Buying A Puppy From A Breeder

By Danny Bainbridge / November 7, 2013

Are you having trouble locating a Husky breeder in your area? Here are 5 alternatives to breeders to help you find a puppy: Breeders that do not advertise Not all breeders advertise their services. They may just not want the pestering that comes with advertising your business in public, especially if they only breed every […]

Choosing A Siberian Husky Breeder

By Danny Bainbridge / August 10, 2013

How do you choose a Siberian Husky breeder to acquire your new puppy from? What separates bad breeders from good ones, and good ones from great ones? Here are the things you need to consider when dealing with breeders of Husky puppies and looking for a new pup. Initial Research First look for breeders in […]

Choosing A Husky Puppy From A Litter

By Danny Bainbridge / July 11, 2013

Selecting your first Siberian Husky puppy from a litter is an important decision. You are about to choose your latest family member and you need to be sure that your new pet will fit in well with your family’s lifestyle, as well as be healthy for years to come. Here are some basics on Husky […]