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Five Alternatives To Buying A Puppy From A Breeder

By Danny Bainbridge

Are you having trouble locating a Husky breeder in your area? Here are 5 alternatives to breeders to help you find a puppy: Breeders that do not advertise Not all breeders advertise their services. They may just not want the pestering that comes with advertising your business in public, especially if they only breed every […]

Famous Siberian Huskies

By Danny Bainbridge

About to adopt or buy a Siberian Husky puppy and not sure what to name it? Take some inspiration from these famous Huskies… Balto Perhaps the most famous of all Siberian Huskies. In 1925 Nome Alaska was on the verge of a Diptheria epidemic, and life saving serum was needed to save the town and […]

Exercising A Siberian Husky Puppy

By Danny Bainbridge

Siberian Husky puppies desire a lot of attention to prevent boredom. Exercising them is a great way to help them stay entertained, not to mention grow up healthy, but how much exercise should they get? Here are our top five tips on exercising your Husky puppy.1. Exercise every dayIt is really important that Huskies, particularly […]

Free Husky Puppies – A Warning

By Danny Bainbridge

Sounds too good to be true? You are after a Siberian Husky puppy and see an advertisement in the local paper or online classifieds giving them away for free or a nominal charge. What could the catch be? Read on… There is no catch First, and we hope probably, there is no catch. Puppies of […]

Feedback When Training Husky Puppies

By Danny Bainbridge

In our General Tips for Training Siberian Husky Puppies, we touched upon feedback and how it should be immediate, clear, and consistent. Let’s now go into more detail on how to achieve this. Immediacy Feedback needs to be given as soon as the dog exhibits a behavior worthy of it, whether that be good behavior […]

Adopting A Siberian Husky

By Danny Bainbridge

As an alternative to buying a Siberian Husky puppy from a breeder you might want to consider adopting one from another owner, animal shelter or rescue operation. Each year millions (yes millions! according to the Humane Society) of dogs and cats are housed in shelters each year. You help to reduce this number when you […]

Siberian Husky vs Alaskan Malamute: Similarities and Differences

By Danny Bainbridge

Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes; both look similar, and as their names suggest, originate from colder northern areas, but how similar or different are they? Read on… The fundamental difference between Huskies and Malamutes are their size. Malamutes are true sled-pulling dogs, built larger, with more muscle mass, and bred for pulling heavier loads over […]

Red Siberian Huskies

By Danny Bainbridge

Red Huskies Siberian Huskies come in a variety of colors, from black/grey and white, to red and white, to pure white. Whilst the darker colors are more common, red Huskies are increasing in popularity. Here is the lowdown on the red coloring and what it means if you are considering adopting a Husky puppy. Firstly […]

Choosing A Husky Puppy From A Litter

By Danny Bainbridge

Selecting your first Siberian Husky puppy from a litter is an important decision. You are about to choose your latest family member and you need to be sure that your new pet will fit in well with your family’s lifestyle, as well as be healthy for years to come. Here are some basics on Husky […]

Housebreaking A Husky Puppy

By Danny Bainbridge

If you would like to keep your Siberian Husky puppy indoors at times, then housebreaking is an early and essential training activity to perform. Whether you call it housebreaking, toilet training, or potty training, all Husky puppies can be trained to do their business outside, and not all over your nice clean floors. When to […]

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