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A genuine husky lover who enjoys spending time with his huskies. Huskypuppiesinfo.com was created purely out of passion for these dogs.

Training Siberian Husky Puppies – General Tips

By Danny Bainbridge

Siberian Huskies are intelligent dogs, but can also be stubborn, and grow bored easily. Training a Husky puppy is not easy. You will need a lot of patience and dedication to properly train a Siberian Husky. Are you up for the challenge? How difficult is to train Siberian Husky? If you are new to the […]

Choosing A Siberian Husky Breeder

By Danny Bainbridge

How do you choose a Siberian Husky breeder to acquire your new puppy from? What separates bad breeders from good ones, and good ones from great ones? Here are the things you need to consider when dealing with breeders of Husky puppies and looking for a new pup. Initial Research First, look for breeders in […]

Vitamins For Your Siberian Husky

By Danny Bainbridge

Are you thinking of buying vitamins for your Siberian Husky? Wondering what the best vitamins or best food are for dogs? Here is our advice on what to feed your puppy to give it a balanced diet, and avoid unnecessary and expensive supplements. Think of it as cheap pet insurance. If you want real insurance […]

5 Play Time Ideas For Husky Puppies

By Danny Bainbridge

Have a Siberian Husky puppy and looking for games to keep it entertained and occupied? Here are 5 playtime ideas you can try…1. Fetch and Drop-ItEveryone knows fetch, and the chances are your Husky puppy will pick it up very quickly. Find a small, durable, rubber toy that can fit in your puppy’s mouth, but […]

Siberian Huskies and Kids

By Danny Bainbridge

The Siberian Husky is a great family dog – not too large, active, and will put up with some rough play from children. A Husky’s natural behavior is to play, run, and be part of the “pack” – which will be your family. The stories about the Eskimos who bred the Husky are the best evidence […]

The Alaskan Husky

By Danny Bainbridge

Not to be confused with the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Husky is more of a mix of sled dogs rather than a pure breed in its own right. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, the Alaska region was home to native dogs. The Alaskan Husky has a varied genetic history that descends from these […]

Siberian Husky Colors

By Danny Bainbridge

Siberian Huskies come in a wide range of colors and markings. Here we look at the basic variants you will find in the breed.   Black and White A common coat color of huskies. You will find dogs ranging from a solid (or jet) black to a diluted (or gradient) black, and everything in between. […]

Siberian Husky Puppy Grooming

By Danny Bainbridge

Siberian Huskies are surprisingly good at taking care of themselves, licking themselves clean much like cats. However they do need particular attention paid to the coat when they molt, plus a regular grooming session once a week can help keep your Husky puppy looking fabulous. And who doesn’t want a fabulous looking Husky? Grooming For […]

So You Want A Husky Puppy For Christmas?

By Danny Bainbridge

Are you are looking for a totally unique gift that will surprise your family, bring everyone together, and make this the best Christmas ever? A Siberian Husky puppy will sure do that! But before you rush out to the pet store let’s look over all the things you need to know, how to approach the […]

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