All About Siberian Huskies


How To Deal With Coat Shedding of Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies shed a lot! Sometimes constantly, more often periodically through the year. What can you expect and how to deal with it? Here are our tips:   The shedding of the fluffy undercoat is also known as molting or blowing coat. As the new top coat comes out, the under coat is pushed out Continue Reading ➞

Caring For Huskies In Warm And Tropical Climates

Although the Siberian Husky's origin is in the incredibly cold, icy environment of Siberia, they can and do live in warmer environments. Whether it be a tropical environment such as Singapore and the Philippines, or a dry heat such as outback Australia, a Siberian Husky can live a long and happy life. There are a Continue Reading ➞

Siberian Husky Puppy Grooming

Siberian Huskies are surprisingly good at taking care of themselves, licking themselves clean much like cats. However they do need particular attention paid to the coat when they molt, plus a regular grooming session once a week can help keep your Husky puppy looking fabulous. And who doesn't want a fabulous looking Husky? It is Continue Reading ➞